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Sunday, 14 July 2019

How To Subscribe To MTN 4gb For N500

Just few weeks ago, MTN revisited and slashed down all data plans, and now, they have introduced yet another mouthwatering data plan for heavy duty internet users

Some of you might be saying it's not possible to get a whopping 4GB data for just 500 Naira on MTN. Like seriously, it's pretty possible. In this post, I will show you how to make that possible with CS (common sense).

According to MTN, they said;
“People’s data needs have changed, we recognize that. Our customers need much more and we are delivering that for less,”

Remember MTN also announced YafunYafun tariff plan that rewards new MTN customers with lots of benefits after registering and activating a new MTN SIM, which includes Double Data Bonus. Now here is where the CS was applied.

How To Get MTN 4GB For N500

  1. Buy a new MTN Sim, register and activate it and then select MTN YafunYafun tariff plan from the USSD Menu that will be displayed.
  2. However, if you fail to choose a tariff plan, you will be migrated to YafunYafun plan by default.
  3. To purchase MTN 4GB for 500 Naira, simply dial *131*1*1#, then reply with 5for 2GB for N500. This is actually MTN Binge bundle. After purchase, your data will be doubled. The data is valid for 2 days.
  4. You will keep getting double data bonus for any data plan you purchase for the next 4 months.
  5. To buy other more data plans, kindly dial *131*1#.

What do you think? Please leave a comment below and do share this post with your friends.

Monday, 24 June 2019

MTN Data Plan revised, Get 1.5GB for N1000 and 2GB for N1200

It is with great pleasure to announce to you about the changes that have been made to MTN data plans. As we all know that the South African owned telecom network has been doing this business for more than ten years now and they have seemed to have gotten the crowd to love them. At the moment, MTN is one of the most popular telecom operator in Nigeria, even if their data prices are a little bit of the chart.Recently, MTN Nigeria announced an offer with this statement, “We’re now offering new and revamped data prices where you get more data for the same price! Dial *131# or visit www.mymtn.com.ng to choose a data plan that best suits your needs.” From this statement, we observed that MTN Nigeria has changed the data prices on their network. 

Before now, 1.5GB data cost N1500 while 2GB data cost N2000, but that doesn’t seem to be the case anymore.With N1000 now, you can get at least 1.5GB data, that can be used anytime of the day, instead of the one where you will be given 1GB data to be used anytime of the day and 500MB to be used during the night time. While with just N1200, you can get 2GB of data, isn’t this cool?How to subscribe to the data plans on MTN networkEverything still remains the same, just pick up your MTN SIM card and dial *131*1*3# or *131*1#.x

Monday, 4 February 2019

How To Download And Browse Unlimitedly For Free On MTN Via Combo VPN

Hello guys, I know it been quite while when I bring this kind of free browsing cheat to your table and this also happen to be the very first browsing cheat we will have this year 2019, unlike this time last year 2018 we have already use many different Free browsing cheat, but chill now WIZZYBLOG got you cover as long as you follow the below procedure. 

Today, I bring to you another different settings to enjoy MTN free browsing cheat on Combo VPN. This cheat is not unlimited but quite manageable for everyday chatting and normal internet usage.

I won't be saying too much. Let's just go straight to why we are here.

How To Download And Browse Unlimitedly For Free On MTN Via Combo VPN 

Combo VPN is a replica of Anonytun VPN in terms of settings and UI. Follow me step after steps as we set this VPN. But before that, let's see what we will be needing.


  • An MTN sim without data
  • Default MTN APN settings
  • Works on MTN 3G and 4G sim
  • For Android phones. 

Download Combo vpn here for Android

> Open the app, then tap on Combo Settings and configure this way.


> Turn on Stealth Tunnel

> Connection protocol - TCP

> Connection Port - 443

> Turn on the switch for Connect via parent proxy

> Edit and set parent proxy as and 8080 as port

> Turn on the switch for Custom TCP/http headers

> Edit Custom TCP/http headers

> URL/host: datareset.mtnonline.com

> Request method: CONNECT

> Injection method: Normal

> Tick keep-alive and user-agent

> Press Generate and Validate and Save.

> Save all settings and Connect


This cheat works without data or Airtime 0.0k on your MTN line and it is capped. It is capped around 50Mb to 100Mb daily. It renews daily.

If it stops, simply open the Combo app again and change URL/host to smartapp.mtnnigeria.net:8080

If you are an mpulse user and you have mpulse data, then open the Combo app again and change the URL/host to mtn.pass.ng.

That's all friends. If you have any questions, please post them in the comment box below, and don't forget to share this post with your friends.

Post Credit : [Entclassblog

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

How To Use New HTTP Injector Settings For MTN NG mPulse Data

Hello guys, earlier today i posted about the new MTN mpulse Tarrif plan that give you 350mb for N50 and 1.2gb for N150.

But the issue then was that it can't tunnel other app except from social media, but it this new post I am happy to tell you all that i now have a working HTTP Injector settings to make use of MTN mPulse data on all apps. I have personally tested this config file before posting it.

I've received countless mails and complaints regarding my previous MTN mPulse HTTP Injector settings. Worry no more as i have a new and working settings to power all apps with MTN mPulse data.

Make sure you follow my settings carefully. if your phone is rooted, this config wson't work for you {I made it so for security reasons}.

Let get down to the settings real quick, and i guarantee you 100% that this new config will work for you without issues.

New HTTP Injector Settings For MTN NG mPulse Data


  • An Android phone
  • MTN NG 3G or 4G Sim
  • Use the defaultg MTN APN Settings

> Firstly, migrate to MTN mPulse tariff plan by dialing *344*1#.

> Secondly, subscribe to mPulse monthly bundle of 1.2GB for N150, sms 351 to 344

> Now, download HTTP Injector VPN here

> After that, download the New MTN mPulse Config here. It's working 100% without issues.

Read Also;- MTN mPulse Gives You 350MB for N50 and 1.2GB for N150

The config won't be able to import if your phone is rooted. Config will expire in 7 days (4-Sept-2018), but don't worry, I will create another config if it expires.

How To Import Config On HTTP Injector Vpn

> Download HTTP Injector vpn and the MTN mPulse New Config from the link above 

> After installing HTTP Injector, launch the VPN app 

> Tap on the Paper icon located at the top-right corner 

> Tap on Import Config and locate the MTN mPulse New file and tap on it to import. 

> Finally, tap Start to connect. It will connect within 10 seconds. When it does connect, launch your browser and any app and start browsing in full speed. 

Note that this config file won't import on rooted device. Config will expire in 7 days (4-September-2018). But don't worry, I will provide another config file and update this post.
Make sure you tick the two boxes as shown below.

How To Use This Cheat On PC

If your Android phone is rooted, then download TetherNet VPN here. After installing the app, grant it root access. 
  1. need to set any Proxy on any browser. Just leave it at "Automatically Detect Settings".
  1. Now, share hotspot from your phone to your PC.
  2. Connect your VPN app
  3. Open TetherNet app and tap on VPN because we are using a VPN connection
  4. Tap on Hotspot because we are sharing the connection via Hotspot
  5. Finally, tap on Start Connection
  6. You'll get a popup message "Connection Share Through AP Hotspot"
  7. Now, start browsing in full speed on your PC. It powers the whole PC. You don't 

But if your Android phone is not rooted, then you should make use of Pdanet. See settings and download links here.

Don't forget to Join our Telegram group chat for more hot cheats. Join here. 

Please don't forget to leave a comment below, it means a lot to us. And also do share this post with friends.

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

All You need to know About MTN mPulse That Gives You 350MB for N50 and 1.2GB for N150

MTN has just launched a new prepaid plan called MTN mPulse for teens between the age bracket of 9 to 15. This plan will give you 1.2GB for N150 and 350MB for N50.

MTN mPulse has been designed to help and equip young teens to succeed academically. This service is coming in two different features - the mPulse tariff and the mPulse website.

MTN mPulse Prepaid Plan

MTN mPulse is a basic prepaid plan that allows Pre-Teen and Teen customers between the age bracket of 9 and 15 years enjoy, Special data bundles, Special Birthday reward, lots of other exciting offers and National calls at 15k/secs

mPulse Tarrif Benefits

The mPulse tariff gives students lots of freebies including:

N200 Birthday Reward: mPulse Customers will be rewarded with a birthday gift of N200 on the day of their birthday as long as their birthday details are captured before the birthday.

Free WhatsApp for 7 days every month: Customers on MTN mPulse plan will enjoy 7 days free WhatsApp access upon first recharge of N100 and above in a month.

Bonus on recharge 10MB on N100; 20MB on N200 (7 day bonus validity) - On first recharge in a week ( 7 days).

Parent-Child Link: For ease and convenience, a parent will be able to link a child’s number to her/his number and automatically share a set amount of airtime/data on a weekly/monthly basis.

mPulse Website Benefits

The mPulse website provides resources for primary, junior and senior secondary school students to develop their strengths and passions. It features certified preparation materials and past questions for Common Entrance, JSCE, WAEC, JAMB, Post UME, intellectual games and a wide array of skill development tutorial videos.

MTN mPulse Data Plans

There are 2 special data plans which students on mPulse tariff can buy to access the mPulse website:

  •  350MB for N50 (weekly plan)
  •  1.2GB for N150 (Monthly plan)

How to Migrate to MTN mPulse Plan

Simply dial *344*1# from a new or existing MTN SIM.

How To Subscribe To mPulse Data Plans


             For Weekly bundle of 350MB, send 350 to 344

  •  For Monthly bundle of 1.2GB, send 351 to 344
  •  Or alternatively dial *344# and select data bundle of your choice.
  •  Dial *344*2*2# to check data balance.

How To Sign up On mPulse Website

  •  Visit www.mtnonline.com/mpulse
In the Login/Sign Up section, Click the "I’m a Student" icon or "I’m a Parent" icon and enter all the information required to register.

Tuesday, 21 August 2018

HOT: How To Activate Mtn 4GB for N1000, 1GB for N200 And 250MB for N100 DealZone Cheap Data

MTN NG at it again, this time around it really big and huge to say as they offer heavy data at a very affordable price ,.
Yes, You can now get a whopping 4GB for N1,000, 1GB for N200 and also 250MB for N100. Although, This kind of offer was once introduced 2016, which really last well for people then. 

Are we going to say MTN NG is Competing with 9mobile That just offer Their new subscriber 4.5GB for N500 and 1.5GB for N200 or they are just trying to put smile on our faces after increasing the price of their SME data share and also reducing their Pulse night data volume. MTN occasionally gives us DealZone data plans which are very cheap compared to their normal data price.

In this post, i will show you how to subscribe to MTN DealZone data and enjoy a more cheaper data plans.

How To Activate MTN DealZone Data Plans

Simply dial *131*65# and choose your desired plan.
  • ✔️ 4GB for N1000 is valid for 30 days
  • ✔️ 1GB for N200 is valid for 7 days
  • ✔️ 250MB for N100 is valid for 3 days.

These data plans can be used on any internet enabled devices, be it Android, iOS, Tablets, PC etc.

That's all. Please leave a comment below and also share this post.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

How to Browse/Download Unlimitedly with 0.0k on MTN via Spark VPN

I know you are going to ask me WIZZY is this cheat real... And am telling you now that it is 100% Working,.

I have provided all the requirements, settings and Config files to tweak latest MTN free browsing cheat 2018 working both on Android and PC without a password protection or premium features that asks for payments. This cheat also works with XP Psiphon VPN for Android.

This year 2018 has been an unfavorable year for tweakers who usually capitalize on ISP loopholes to bypass network companies eagle eyes in other to enjoy free browsing cheats. Note that we are not in any way encouraging anyone to abuse this opportunity or use this post wrongly because it's basically for educational purposes and to alert MTN of the loopholes on their network.

1. Your Android phone
2. Your MTN SIM with no active data or Airtime
3. 3G network
4. Spark VPN (Download It Here)
2 Configuration file for spark vpn. (Download the config file on Our Telegram Group Here)

- Secure your connection using SSH tunnel
- No root needed [Choose between VPN mode or iptables (root)]
- Specify alternate proxy servers to send a request through

- Provide alternate headers and ability to strip headers from incoming http responses
- DNS Changer
- Build in Host Checker and IP Hunter
- Build in SSH client (Similar to Bitvise)
- Payload Generator
- Support Android 4.0 to Android 8.0
- Google DNS / DNS Proxy
- Data Compression
- IP Route
- Battery saver
- HTTP Proxy + SSH
- SSH Only
> Support 3g, 4G, WiFi
> Support proxies (HTTP and Socks).
> Protect your device by acting as a virtual Firewall.
> Brand VPN Work On Free Internet
> A simple and easy to use VPN for your phone and tablet.
> Free internet Bnagladesh, Dubai, Philipine, Nijeria, Brazil, India, Pakistan & Others All Country.

Before this cheat will start working for free browsing on your phone or laptop, you have to first import the svc config file on spark vpn.

By now, you should have downloaded both the Spark VPN app and Config file.
✔️ Now launch your spark vpn app, then at the menu, locate (TWEAK) and tap on it as you can see.
✔️ After that, locate the svc config you downloaded on our telegram group, select and import it.
✔️ After successful importation, the home menu screen of your spark vpn should display the config file.
✔️ Next, click on the CONNECT button
✔️ It should connect after few seconds and you will be able to enjoy the MTN unlimited free browsing cheat 2018.

HOW TO USE THIS MTN CHEAT ON PC (Laptops and Desktops)
Do you know you can enjoy virtually every cheat working on your Android phone on PC? This is made possible with the help of an app called PdaNet which you need to download and run on your windows PC.

I have noticed that this MTN cheat 2018 via stark vpn and AnonyTun vpn is capped on some SIM cards but unlimited on some SIm especially old 0803 MTN lines.

Let's know if this tweak works for you via the comments box on this blog Wizzyblog.com

Thursday, 1 March 2018

Mtn Data Plan With Price And Codes For March 2018 [All Device]

Is no more a news that MTN is one of the top network provider in Nigeria. Over 35million Nigerians are currently using MTN for voice and data service. Without no doubt, MTN Internet service is one of the best you can ever use because is fast and very reliable.

Just as you already know, MTNoffers Internet service for Android, PC, iOS or any devices using Internet. Well, if you are using MTN for your Internet purpose, then you have might be looking for codes to use in other to subscribe for data bundles on your gadgets.  [Latest: All Code To Activate MTN NG Data Plans/Prices For March 2018 [PC, Android & iOS]

MTN NG Data Plans Codes For February 2018 [PC, Android & iOS]

In this post, I will be sharing with you all MTN latest codes for activating data service for your Android, PC, iOS, Smart watch, Smart TV or other gadgets using internet. In MTN data plans, there are various packages includes: Daily Plans, Weekly Plans, Monthly Plans, Two month Plans, three months plans and other small packages for whatsapp or social media purpose only. So guys, lets begin.

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24HRS/Daily Plans
  • Text 104 to 131 [50MB for N100]
  • Text 113 to 131[150MB for N200]
7Days/Weekly Plans
  • Text 102 to 131 [N300 for 150MB]
  • Text 103 to 131 [N500 for 500MB + 250MB(*bonus data)] [MTN Pulse N500 for 1GB]
30Days/Monthly Plans
  • Text 106 to 131[N1000 for 1GB + 500MB (*bonus data)] 
  • Text 130 to 131[N1200 for 1.5GB]
  • Text 110 to 131[N2000 for 2.5GB + 1GB(*bonus data)]
  • Text 107 to 131[N3,500 for 5GB]
  • Text 116 to 131[N5000 for 10GB]
  • Text 117 to 131[N10,000 for 22GB]
Note: (*bonus data) will be available for use from 1:00am – 7.00am ON MTN DEAL ZONE.

60 Days Plan
  • Text 118 to 131[N20,000 for 50GB]
90Days/Quarterly Plan
  • Text 133 to 131[N50,000 for 85GB]
MTN Goody Bag Social

Facebook Daily
  • Text FBD to 131 [N25]
Facebook Weekly 
  • Text FBW to 131 [N50]
Facebook Monthly 
  • Text FBM to 131[N150]
Twitter Daily
  • Text TWTD to 131[N25]
Twitter Weekly
  • Text TWTW to 131[N50]
Twitter Monthly
  • Text TWTM to 131[N150]
Eskimi Daily
  • Text ESKD to 131 [N25]
Eskimi Weekly
  • Text ESKW to 131[N50]
Eskimi Monthly
  • Text ESKM to 131[N150]
2go Daily
  • Text 2GOD to 131[N25]
2go Weekly
  • Text 2GOW to 131[N50]
2go Monthly
  • Text 2GOM to 131[N150]
Nimbuzz Daily
  • Text NIMD to 131[N25]
Nimbuzz Weekly
  • Text NIMW to 131[N50]
Nimbuzz Monthly
  • Text NIMM to 131[N150]
WeChat Daily
  • Text WCD TO 131 [N25]
WeChat Weekly
  • Text WCW TO 131[N50]
WeChat Monthly
  • Text WCM TO 131[N150]
WhatsApp daily Bundle. (1day)
  • Text WAD TO 131[N25]
WhatsApp weekly Bundle. (7days)
  • Text WAW TO 131[N50]
WhatsApp monthly Bundle. (30days)
  • Text WAM TO 131[N150]
    MTN Night Plan For All Device
    MTN also make it possible for you to surf the net at night [12:00am - 4:00am] [12:00am - 3:30am] for N25 for 500MB and to enjoy this, you will have to be on MTN Pulse. So, dial *406# to migrate to Pulse tariff plan.

    MTN Night Plan
    • Text Night to 131 [N25 for 500MB]